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MyŠKODA 1466548
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V0113166 Áfrýjun

Vöru- og þjónustuflokkar

9 Computer programs and software used for downloading and storage, recorded content, information technology and audiovisual equipment, software applications for computers, mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, all in relation to automobiles.
12 Automobiles and parts and accessories therefor, included in this class
36 Finance and financial services, rental and leasing services, all in connection with automobiles.
37 Servicing and repair services and activities relating to automobiles, custom treatment of automobiles bodies and chassis and engines (tuning), car maintenance, car cleaning, installation and repair of anti-theft alarms for automobiles, consultancy and information for the aforesaid.
38 Electronic transmission of data, telecommunications, electronic transmission of data, communication services over computer networks, all in connection with automobiles.
39 Transport, packing, storage of goods, travel arrangement, towing, taxi services, motor car transport services, transportation logistics, car rental, passenger transport, freight brokerage, traffic information, operating car parks via navigation apparatus and location apparatus, all in connection with automobiles.


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ŠKODA AUTO a.s. Tr. Václava Klementa 869, Mladá Boleslav II CZ-293 01 Mladá Boleslav CZ


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