Domestic cooperation

None of the services of the ISIPO are obligatory. We are merely here to serve IPR holders and enable swift and secure protection of their proprietary rights in Iceland as well as facilitating protection abroad. The Office has thus from the outset strived at streamlining its services with the needs of rightsholders and their representatives. Our constant aim is to offer the best available services and provide information on available protection and thus encouraging effective use of IPR. 

The ISIPO cooperates closely with the Ministry of Science, Industry and Innovation as well as other Ministries and Governmental Agencies in Iceland, in matters relating to IPR. The Office meets on a regular basis with the main rightsholders associations and industry to provide and to receive information on the latest developments in the field of IPR and to listen to ideas on how the Office may optimise its services. 

Even though the ISIPO does not perform any surveillance on IPR on the market, the Office plays a leading role in a domestic working group on enforcement, working closely with the Customs Office, the Police, and offices specializing in copyright matters and others. 

We are always open to new ideas on how to improve, please feel free to send us feedback.