Nordic Patent Institute

Nordic Patent Institute (NPI) is an international organization established by the governments of Denmark, Iceland and Norway.

NPI provides Global Prior Art Searches (patent and non-patent) for businesses and IP law firms. To perform these searches NPI has highly qualified specialists covering all technical fields.

NPI utilizes the competence of the patent examiners at the Danish and Norwegian Patent Offices. The examiners are all highly skilled PCT-examiners with extensive experience in searching patent and non-patent literature. The searches are performed using the best international patent databases and non-patent literature databases available and state-of-the-art search tools.

NPI was established in 2006, but builds on decades of experience of providing search services through the national offices.

NPI also acts as International Search Authority (ISA) and International Preliminary Examination Authority (IPEA) under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for nationals and residents of Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

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Main Products

  • PCT Services

  • Validity Search

  • Freedom to Operate Search

  • Novelty/Patentability Search

  • Sequence Search

  • Structure Search