Equal Pay Policy

The ISIPO equal pay policy covers all employees of the office, except for the staff of the Accreditation Division, and stipulates goals and measures to ensure ISIPO employees the rights regarding equal pay provided for in Act no. 150/2020 on equal status and equal rights for the sexes. This equal pay policy is an integral part of the ISIPO wage policy.

All employees, regardless of gender, shall enjoy equal pay and the same terms for the same or equivalent work, so that there is no unreasonable wage difference. The wages on which the wage decisions are based shall not include gender discrimination. The preconditions for wage decisions are that they are in accordance with wage and institutional agreements, supported by arguments, and ensure that the same wages are paid for comparable or equivalent jobs.

To follow the ISIPO equal pay policy, the institute undertakes to:

  • Implement, document, and maintain a certified equal pay management system in accordance with the requirements of the standard ÍST 85 and obtain an equal pay certification in accordance with Act no. 150/2020 on equal status and equal rights for the sexes.
  • Carry out a salary analysis and present the main results as well as an equal pay policy for employees annually.
  • Respond if the requirements of the standard are not met, including unexplained gender pay gaps with continuous improvement and monitoring. If there is an unexplained wage difference, it must be corrected within two months.
  • Carry out an annual internal audit and management review where equal pay targets are proclaimed and reviewed.
  • Follow appropriate laws, regulations, and union contracts in force at any given time and confirm at a meeting that they are being complied with.
  • Ensure that this equal pay policy is accessible on the ISIPO external website.