Preliminary Search

A preliminary search for a trademark is a service that allows the ISIPO trademark register to be searched for an identical or comparable trademark with regard to the potential likelihood of confusion. The search applies to trademarks registered in Iceland.

The search extends to:  

  • Whether there are previous registered trademarks that are identical or similar to the trademark you intend to register and whether there may be a likelihood of the trademarks being confused. 
  • Whether a trademark of this kind is registered for the same product/service or a comparable product/service that you intend to use the trademark for.

What are the benefits of the search? 

  • A preliminary check of the trademark register to see whether there are existing registered rights in your area before you file an application for trademark registration.  
  • A chance to assess whether it would be advisable to apply for or reconsider your chosen mark before paying the relevant costs. 
  • The search is always based on the status of the trademark register at the time of the search. 
  • Please note that the results of a preliminary search are not binding for registration authorities.