Fee for notification of change in ownership, usage permit or mortgage: 8.200
Fee for notification of change in name, address or attorney: 4.200

Copies of data

Fee for an electronic copy of application or other documents: 1.500
Fee for certified copies of documents under Article 6 or a version of priority document: 5.400
Fee for printing or copying data, each page in size A4: 400

Processing of international applications

Handling and processing fee payable to the ISIPO for an international application: 20.300


Preliminary search: 7.000
Colloborative search: 32.800
For service that is not listed under the unit prices, an hourly fee is charged: 8.200

The Icelandic Intellectual Property Office is self financed through application and service fees. The current fee regulation no. 536/2023 was implemented on 1 July 2023.

Please note that fees are non-refundable.

Warning: Request for payments of fees

It has come to the attention of the office that applicants and attorneys are receiving requests to pay fees that do not come from the office and are unrelated to the processing of applications. Whatever registration services might be offered in such invitations, they have no connection to ISIPO and should not be paid.


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