Basic fee: 76.000
Additional fee for each patent claim in excess of ten: 4.900
Fee under Articles 36 and 37 of the Patent Act:  64.900
Additional fee for an extended deadline to submit the required translation for international application: 20.500
Handling and processing fee for a novelty search at an international search authority:  8.900

Publication of a European patent

Publication of European patent fee (section 77 of the Patents Act): 36.700

Patent grant

Basic fee for printing of the first 40 pages (description, patent claims, drawings and abstract): 32.400
Additional fee for each sheet in excess of 40: 1.500
Additional fee for each patent claim which has been added after the filing date of the application:   4.900
Fee for reissue of patent: 32.400
Fee for adjustment to the claims of a patent and reissue: 32.400

Annual fees for patent applications and patents

Annual fees are increased by 20% after due date

1st year: 13.000 11th year: 29.700
2nd year: 13.000 12th year: 32.400
3rd year: 13.000 13th year: 35.800
4th year: 15.000 14th year: 40.500
5th year: 16.400 15th year: 45.300
6th year: 17.700 16th year: 50.000
7th year: 19.700 17th year: 56.200
8th eyar: 21.800 18th year: 61.700
9th year: 24.400 19th year: 67.600
10th year: 27.200 20th year: 74.400

Supplementary Protection Certificates

The annual fee is increased by 20% after due date

Application fee: 76.000
Fee for extension of supplementary protection certificates: 56.200
Annual fee for each additional supplementary protection certificate: 74.400

Limitation of protection and opposition

Limitation fee:  32.400
Fee for opposition against a patent:  48.900

Resumption and re-establishment of rights

Resumption fee:  13.000
Fee for re-establishment of rights: 48.700


Fee for appeal (payable to the Ministry): 85.000

The Icelandic Intellectual Property Office is self financed through application and service fees. The current fee regulation no. 536/2023 was implemented on 1 July 2023.

Please note that fees are non-refundable.

Warning: Request for payments of fees

It has come to the attention of the office that applicants and attorneys are receiving requests to pay fees that do not come from the office and are unrelated to the processing of applications. Whatever registration services might be offered in such invitations, they have no connection to ISIPO and should not be paid.


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Please add a bank transfer fee of ISK 700 to the total amount. Please also send a copy of the receipt to including the IP identification number.